Measured™ Modular Turntable Base

Sturdy construction ● Flexible configuration ● Solid looks



We audiophiles are tinkerers. Always looking for new combinations of cartridges, styli, mats...
But also tonearms and motor units.

Traditionally the turntable base is seen as the eternal marriage between a certain tonearm and motor unit. A lot of work is put into making a beautiful plinth for exactly these two components...

...and then you want something else. But you don't want to go through the build process of a bespoke plinth all over again. Nor do you want to look at a rough slab of raw MDF with the scars of all previous experiments drilled into it. You want a fast and clean solution.

The Measured™ Modular Turntable Base allows you to combine tonearms and motor units in a simple bolt job. Perfect pivot to spindle distance is set with sliding slots.

Adding tonearms and motor units to your collection is as simple as cutting or drilling a new blank top plate.

Keep tinkering. Stay pretty.


Industrial machine frame construction for absolute stiffness.

6mm thick aluminium top plates can be cut or drilled with metal tools or fine toothed woodworking tools.


It's not only about functionality.
Hardwood insert panels make the base ready for your living room.


standard package

six tonearm plates offer space for even the largest footprint arms such as OEM MA-505
two central motor unit plates
   250x430 mm top side dimensions
two XL sized motor unit plates
   425x430 mm top side dimensions
extra plates can be ordered separately
● plates are blank with predrilled slot bolt holes

configurable frame:
   - two tonearms and central motor unit
   - one tonearm and XL sized motor unit
standard frame dimensions allow installation of a 9" and up to 12" tonearm at the same time, depending on arm specifics.
● Custom sized frames can be ordered on request. 

adjustabe cable mounting points with reusable straps throughout the frame for easy cable management
four adjustable ground points for both tonearms and motor unit
four spikes in colour of choice are adjustable in height and sideways position.
two handles for easy and safe handling

Pricing & Orders

Standard package:
A standard sized Measured™ Modular Turntable Base with 6 tonearm plates, 2 motor unit plates and 2 XL motor unit plates is available for € 799 inc 21% tax.

Tonearms, motor units and other accessories as shown on this site are for display purposes only, not included in delivery.

Special orders such as different dimensions are possible.

For information or to discuss your order options, please contact us on . We speak English and Dutch.